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(ix)A copy of minutes of the meeting showing the results of the voting, together with a copy of motion shall, on termination of the meeting, be forwarded to the Registrar forthwith by the presiding officer of the meeting.


(x)If the motion is carried with the support of the majority of the members of the committee and if the president or  the Vice president or the treasurer or any officer of the committee, as the case may be. Does not resign his office with in ten days, after passing of the motion he shall cease to hold the office committee of  the society  forthwith.


(xi)  If no meeting could be held for want of quorum as required under the clause (x) no notice of any subsequent motion expressing meant of confidence on the same president.  Vice-president, the Treasurer for any officer of the committee shall be allowed with in a period of six months from the date of meeting.


(xii)No notice of motion under this rule shall be allowed within six months form the date of assumption of office by the president or the vice-president or the treasurer or any officer of the committee.

RULE 44. Disqualification under sub-section (1) of clause © Sub rule shall be deemed to accrued only after the expiry of the period of one month from the date of receipt from the member consumed of notice from the society demanding him to clear of the defaulted amount specified there in and fails to remit of cause to remit the amount within said period vide.

G.O.(M.S)No.31/89 Co-op. dt.13.6.1989

RULE 51 ( GEHAN €“After Rule 51 the following rule shall be inserted “51 procedure for creation of Gehan:

(1)  a declaration creating a Gehan shall be inform No.BA


(2) The state Co-op. Bank, District Co-op. Bank, Primary Agri. Credit Society/bank and  Primary housing Co-op.Society, shall maintain a register of such declaration in Form No.8B in the case of immovable property and in form.  No.8C in the case of movable property.


(3) A copy if the declaration or the instrument where by the Gehan is created or the mortgage or hypothecation is executed on favour of The Kerala State Co-op. Bank, Dist.Co-op.Bank.  Primary Agrl. Credit Society/Bank of the Primary housing Co-op. Society shall be forwarded by Regd. Post with acknowledge due, within a maximum period 30 days from the date of its creation or execution, to registering officer within  in the local limits of whose jurisdiction the whole or nay part of the propertyt o shich the Gehan or martgage or hypothecation related its situated.


(4) The loan may be sanctioned on the basis of declaration referred to in sub-section of Sec. 11 of The Kerala Co-op. Agrl. And Rural development Bank Act. 1984 (2 Of the 1984) as applicable under Sec.36 A of the Act of the declaration shall be in foprm No.88.


(5) The notice referred to in subsection of sec. 12 of the Kerala State Sgrl. And rural development banks Act. 1984 (2001 1984) as applicable under section.36 A of the said Act shall mutandis be inform No.8E and such notice shall be published in the Head Office of the bank society and in the branch office of the bank/societies and in the village office concern” (b) In appendix 2, , after from No.8 the following forms shall be inserted.  Chapter VIII Substituted by Det No. 1  of 2000 published in KG (Ext), dtd.1.1.2000 the provision will come with effect when the Govt. notified later.

During 2005-06 the following notifications/amendments in the KCS act and rules were issued by the Government as proposed by the Department.

22.1 Government Notification No.65/06/Co-op.dated 27-03-2006 (SRO No.262/2006, Dated   27-3-2006) .

This was issued to notify that S:66A of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Amendment Act 1969, shall be deemed to have come in to force on the 27th day of  September 2001

22.2 G.O.(P) No.243/2005/Co-op. dated 8th September 2005 (SRO No.898/2005 dated 20th September 2005) .

This was issued to postpone the process of election to the committees of the Co-operative, for the sake of conducting election to local bodies during September 2005,falling due during the period from the date of publication of this notification and up to 31st October 2005,for a further period of three months or up to the 30th November 2005, which ever is earlier.

22.3 G.O (P) No.275/2005/Co-op. dated 5th November 2005 (SRO No.985/2005, dated  5th November 2005 .

This was issued to postpone the process of election to the committees of co-operatives  for the state of conducting bye-election to  Thiruvananthapuram  Parliamentary Constituency (Lok sabha ) on 18-11-2005 , falling due up to 15/12/2005, for a further period of 3 months or up to 15/1/2006.

22.4 G.O.(P) No.302/2005/Co-op. dated 22nd December 2005 (SRO No.30/2006, dated 13th January 2006) .

This was issued to exempt all Primary Agricultural credit Societies and primary Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks from  the operation of sub rule (e) of rule 46 of KCS Rule 1969 for a further period of one year from 9/4/2005.

22.5  G.O.(Rt) No.31/ 2006/ Co-op. dated 20-01-2006 (co-operation (A) Department ).

This was issued to increase the remuneration, payable to Returning Officers conducting election to the committees of Co-operative Societies, to Rs.300/- (rupees Three Hundred only ) and to fix the remuneration  payable to the  Electoral officers performing duties in connection with election to Co-operatives.

22.6 G.O.(P) No.57/2005/Co-op. dated 21st March 2006. (SRO No.254/ 2006 dated 21st March 2006.

This was issued to postpone the process of election to the committees of Co-operatives, for the sake of conducting election to state Assembly during April and May 2006, falling due during the period from the date of publication of this notification and up to 20/5/2006, for a further period of four months or up to 15/7/2006



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